Do you know what a mulligan is?  It’s a “do-over” in golf.  It’s a free shot that replaces the previous bad shot.  How many of us could use a mulligan in life?  Have you made a particularly bad decision that you would like to do-over?  Have you acted in such a way that you wish you could erase it and start over?  Well, the good news is that with God, it is never too late.  God allows do-overs. 

I believe that the year 2010 will be the year of do-overs.  The number 20 means redemption and the number 10 means law.  So I believe the law of Redemption will take center stage during 2010.  How can we redeem our past mistakes?  By giving them to God and allowing Him to replace them with a new opportunity – a mulligan.

Redeem means to buy back, to recover, to exchange, or to deliver from bondage.  Have you allowed your past mistakes to keep you in bondage?  If so, God wants to exchange your bondage and guilt for freedom and peace!

How would you like to start off the new year in freedom and peace?  Sounds like a good exchange to me!  All you have to do is allow God to redeem those mistakes in exchange for a blood bought mulligan.  You get a do-over in 2010!

How awesome is that?