In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of Christmas season, do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What’s so Merry about Christmas?” 

The other shoppers certainly don’t seem so merry nor do the employees at the local department store. 

Why they don’t even say “Merry Christmas”, only “Happy Holidays” anymore! 

The frowns grow as the day grows closer, as the buying and wrapping makes the season even grosser.

Maybe we’ve forgotten the Holiday’s reason, as we’ve commercialized even the bestest of seasons.

God gave His Son as a gift to me and you, so we can, in turn, share the gift with other’s too!

He came to die for all those who’ve sinned, and for those lives that’s torn and needs Him to mend 

Why, maybe Christmas is Merry after all, when we remember the real gift that was given to all!

Thank You Jesus for coming to Earth, through your Servant Mary, your life she did birth!

The gifts and the trees don’t seem so important to me now, as I remember  the real Gift, and before Him I bow!

Have a Merry Christmas as we make Jesus the Reason for the Season!!!