What is your New Year’s Resolution this year?  Do you know what being resolute means?  “Resolute” means fixed and firm in purpose, determined, decisive as to future action.  So are you really fixed and firm as to your future action?  Have you really fixed your mind, heart, and soul to make a change this year? 

What are the things that I am fixed and firm about?     Deepening my relationship with Yahveh, God my Father!  Following the lead of Holy Spirit everyday and modeling Jesus’ behavior and faithfulness.  When you are resolute to fellowship with the triune God-head you have no choice but to walk in victory.  Blessings chase you down and overflow your life.  Did you make a resolution to be financially successful this year?  or to lose weight?  get in shape?  Guess what?  God desires for us to have all that and do all that because He cares about us, our health, and even our finances.  The Word says that He desires for us to prosper in all things, even as our soul prospers.  The key here is to be resolute that your soul prospers!  Are you fixed and firm in your decision that your soul will prosper this year?  I am!  I am determined to grow spiritually, to pursue unity with my Christian brothers and sisters, to do all with excellence, and to BE (see earlier post!).  I believe with all that is within me that if I focus on that, God will bless me beyond my wildest imagination.  2010 will be a great year – and that …I’m fixed on.

What are you resolute about?