This is a post on Anna Aquino’s blog.  I thought it very appropriate for this time.  God is speaking the same thing to the entire body of Christ.  How exciting!  I know this is a long post but bear with it and read through to the end.  Anticipate what God will do this year!

2010, It’ll Be Better Than It’s Been!

 I don’t know about all of you, but for me 2009 has been both a great year and yet one of the hardest years I have ever faced. On a professional level, I’ve walked through some doors this year that I have been believing to walk through for a lot of years. On a personal level I have felt as if I was running the last few miles of a marathon with fifty pound weights strapped to my feet. Back at the end of 2008, I was prophesied to that 2009 would by a year for me to shine. I’ve seen that word come to pass, but I didn’t expect that in order to shine there would be a lot of darkness I’d walk through. About two months ago I felt as if the Lord spoke the words to me, “2010, It’ll be better than it’s been.” I know that it rhymes and it sounds good. But I continue to hear these words time and time again. Two weeks ago I felt directed to go to a particular scripture in the Bible. Thinking it was an odd place to be led to read, I found the verses. On the pages the words jumped to my spirit, and were precisely the words I needed to hear. I feel as if this is what God is giving for the Church as a whole for the start of the new year. Isaiah 43:18-19 (New King James Version) “ Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert. I love it with the word of God confirms what the Holy Spirit has been saying through other people. Pastor Greg of Freedom Life Church has been saying “2010, you’ll begin again.” Then I was just in a church in Canada (Grace Ministries in Windsor, Ontario) and there too someone spoke on 2010 being a year for new beginnings to spring forth in the Church. That is exciting. However in all honesty it’s so exciting to know that God is about to do such awesome things in the church as a whole this year and our personal lives, but just this morning I was complaining to God. I don’t recommend doing that. But truthfully I believe all these things are going to happen, but being as they haven’t manifested yet I don’t want to go back to the old. I want the new, and want to run with it. I’m dreading the thought of having to go back to the same old thing. What I felt God spoke to me was about the Israelites. When they left slavery they didn’t know what exactly they were doing. They knew God said it was time for the new thing, so they followed Moses out of there. As they faced struggles time and time again they argued and complained with Moses wanting to just go back to Egypt because though they were slaves there at least they knew what each day would hold. God was trying to take them into the new thing, but they were constantly remembering the things of old. They held on to what they knew and wouldn’t embrace this new thing. As a result the mindset of slavery stayed with them and that generation never saw the promised land. God is doing something new in the Church and in all of our lives. I believe that 2010, will be better than it’s been. But we must forget the years of slavery. We must forget the old. We must move past what we can see right now. We must grab tight to the new things. We must recognize that though we may not see that new thing yet, it’s here! God has not brought you this far to let you go back into bondage. He’s bringing you out, and springing you forth. Wrap your faith around you know to be true. Wrap your faith around His word. Wrap your faith around what He is saying to you today. This will be an exciting year! Believe Him! Trust Him! 2010, It’ll be better than it’s been!  writer  Anna Aquino (


More confirmation from others.

Dan Cross  Executive Pastor at 422CHURCH.COM

 I sense that 2010 is a year of fruition, the season where the manifestation of God’s spoken word to us will be fulfilled. A move of God’s Spirit is imminent.
Do you sense the same?

But there is a contingency to our experiencing the fruition of vision individually, that we take God’s vision off the shelf, dust it off, and embrace it once again. There is a risk there that we tend to shrink back from. We need “God’s Gift of Restored Faith” :’s%20Gift%20of%20Restored%20Faith.wma 
Artie Davis  Founder at the COMB NETWORK
  • Dan I couldn’t agree more! I wrote in my journal the 1st day of this year, that in years past, we have spoken it, we have prayed it, we have asked for it, but this year we will SEE IT! Can’t wait.

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  • Anna Aquino

    I wrote a blog at my blogpage what I’m feeling God saying this year. . You’ll have to scroll down several to find it. God specifically gave me the scripture Isaiah 43:18-19 To forget the things of old, and that He is doing a new thing. I do believe this is a year for fulfillment in the body, yet a new thing springing forth into His children. He wants us to forget the way it’s been done and plow forth into what He has for us this year. 🙂


    Greg Owens Senior Pastor at KC Life Church

    I feel as though God has been saying that this is going to be a year of favor and unity in the body of Christ.

    On a related note. I read that last year, in the Jewish calendar, was the year of the ox, or hard work and labor. But this year is the year of the Eagle…

    just some food for thought.


    Dan Cross  Executive Pastor at 422CHURCH.COM

    Anna, the Lord brought Isaiah 43:18-19 to my mind as well.

    Greg, it is time to soar from the time of preparation (ox plowing hard ground).


    Brian Ellis-Gibbs  Intentional Interim Pastor at Queens Baptist Church

    Yes, this is a season of renewal, reclamation, transformation and reformation. Thank God. Its time for the church to stand up and be the church.


    Isn’t it exciting to hear people from all over the country saying the same thing? 

    2010 –It’ll Be Better than it’s Been!!!!!