I just read a quote from John Paul Jackson that said “There will always be a distinction between those who serve God’s purposes and those who use God to serve their’s”. 

Makes me think…how many of us are serving God’s purposes and how many are using God to serve our’s?  I certainly don’t want to be one who stands before the Lord and hear that judgement.  I want to hear, “well done, my good and faithful servant”.  I want to be one who gets the proclamation that I’ve spent my time here on Earth serving God’s purposes.

Purpose!  It continues to guide me. 

I ask my readers to hang in there with me as I continue to seek God’s purposes for my life. 

Are you seeking your’s?

If so, tell me about it!

A new assignment has been posted to your MYONEWORD.ORG Word Journal.  Below are the questions you will find when you log in:

* QUESTION #1: After spending two weeks setting up disciplines to live out your One Word, where have you witnessed the most growth? Where have you met the most resistance?
* QUESTION #2: As it relates to your One Word, what do you believe is the next step you need to take? What actions or changes do you need to put into place to make this change a reality?
* QUESTION #3: Read Philippians 1:6 and Romans 5:1-5. How do these passages give you hope in regards to the resistance you might be feeling with disciplines being formed into your character?

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I think it will be helpful if you answer these questions concerning your One Word!