Ok, all of you who chose your “One Word” for 2010, give me an update.  How’s it going pursuing that “One Word”?

You’ve all heard me talk about my One Word – Purpose!  I’ve been actively pursuing my purpose!  Even when all doors seem to be shut tight, I continue to do my part and rely on God to open the ones that He wants me to walk through.  Writing a book was the easy part…getting bookstores to carry it…not so easy!  I’m an unknown author with just another Christian themed book on the market…so they think!  What they don’t know is that God has purpose for that book and it doesn’t matter what they think or do, it WILL accomplish it’s Purpose!!!

How about the person who chose – “Confidence”.  How’s that going? 

“Follow” – how about you?  “Know”, “Free”, “Humility”, or “Wisdom”

 How are you pursuing your “One Word”?

All of these words are great ones.  And they apparently mean something to the one who chose them.  So what I want to hear is – how have you been pursuing that word?  Have you made any progress?  What walls have you been up against?  What doors have been opened?

For those of you who haven’t chosen your “One Word” for 2010 – it’s not too late!  Choose now, comment and let me know what it is, and then begin pursuing that Word with diligence.  It is never too late to follow your dream, to improve your relationships, to fulfill your purpose, to regain that imtimate relationship with Father…whatever you need to work on!  If you still have breath…there is time!

The walls I’ve been up against is the corporate offices of bookstores.  They have to approve my book for store placement.  I am awaiting denial or approval.  So, I wait…impatiently!  I need marketing opportunities.  But without bookstore placement, many marketing opportunities are closed.  I need exposure!  I have been actively putting my name and my book out there!  And so I wait on that…impatiently!  Please pray for opportunity for me!  I need your help and your prayers.  Call the bookstores and request that they carry my book “Holy Spirit Made Me Do It”  by Laurie L Webb.  Ask your church bookstore to carry it.  Recommend it to your friends and co-workers! 

Thank you for your prayers thus far,

I cherish them as I continue to pursue – Purpose!!

Anybody who comments, will be put in a drawing for a free

Jantina Maria CD “Just Worship”