This next 4 weeks, my daughter will be getting ready to move on to a new stage of her life.  She will be headed off to college.  She will be responsible (I hope!) for her own actions, finances, schedule, etc.  She won’t have her Mama and Daddy there to make sure she gets up on time, has something to eat, makes wise decisions, or goes to class.  It is a step to adulthood that we hope she makes successfully.

It’s not only a new stage for her but for me also.  I have to let go (at least a little) and let her make her own way.  For someone who likes to be in control, this is not an easy transition!  But what I can and will be doing is …praying!

We, as humans, are always transitioning from one stage to another.  We go from baby to childhood to teens to young adults to middle age to old age etc.  Always moving from one step to another.  God made it possible for us to grow and to change but we must allow it to happen.  What if we all decided to stay in childhood?  I know what you’re thinking…you know someone like that! Ha!  But what if we refused to grow up and take responsibility for our own actions?  What chaos this world would be in. 

Now let’s look at this spiritually.  God transitions us from babies to children to mature sons and daughters, if we allow the process.  We have to learn and grow and take responsibility spiritually, just like we do naturally.  As we learn God’s Word, we are then responsible to obey it.  As we go through the process of listening and obeying, we grow!  We begin to move forward in our knowledge and our actions.  We are not only responsible to know the Word of God but we are also responsible to act on it.  That is what moves us from stage to stage in the Kingdom!  Do you want to be children, tossed to and fro (Ephesians 4:14) or sons of God that are led by the Spirit (Romans 8:14). 

Now, let’s ask the question, “what if we refuse to grow up, spiritually?”  That has happened all over the church as a whole.  There are those who are happy to sit and be spoon fed in the pews and never actually grow up and be responsible.  Likewise, there are leaders who are just as happy to spoon feed their people and never allow them to move on to the next stage in their spiritual life.  They are afraid they will lose them or that maybe they will make mistakes.  So, they hold on to them and never allow them to grow into the sons and daughters that God meant for them to be.  As a result, the “church” has been in a state of chaos!

These spiritual mothers and fathers must do just what my husband and I are doing.  They must allow those children to grow up with Godly counsel, move on to the next stage, no matter how scary it is for them and for you; and to become responsible adults who can fulfill their God-given purpose.

Yes it scares me!  and Yes, growing up is scary also, but we can’t sit stagnant in one place or we will never fulfill our purpose.  We live a life of transitions!  We must go with the flow of life and allow God to raise us up.

As I wave to my baby girl standing in her dorm room, I will be allowing for her transition from teen to adulthood.  As sad as it may be, it is a necessary part of life.  As I travel home, I must remember that it is not just growth on her part but on mine too.  I must learn to let go and let God!  I must trust that what I’ve taught her will affect her decision-making and her life choices.  Just as we as God’s children, must allow what we’ve been taught to guide us.  Let’s keep moving lest we become stagnant!   The world needs mature sons and daughters, operating in their purpose, leading the world to Christ. 

Come on, let’s move!