Up Close                                                                                                                                      
by Stacy Hostler
Worship music at its best!  Stacy’s debut album is unbelievable.  It is a must have for your Christian CD collection.
I usually don’t review CDs but I thought this one warranted a review.  Stacy has done a remarkable job displaying her heart for worship.  Her talent is unquestionable, but what one is probably curious about is the quality of the songs and the recording.  After all, this is her first!
I can honestly say that this is one of the best worship CDs I have ever experienced.  I say “experienced” rather than “listened to” because each song is just that: a worship experience.  She pours out her heart to Father God in every song.  She puts it all out there!  She doesn’t hold back.  This sounds more like you are listening to her heart rather than her voice because every song resonates within your own heart. 
The song Something More states, “I want something different, I want something more”.  Does this sound like your heart?  She goes on to tell God, “pick me up, hold me close”.  As you are listening to this song, it quickly becomes your prayer.
In another song, This Place, her hearts cry is “there’s a place I long to be where there’s only You and me where I can sit at Your feet and worship you…Oh, take me, take me to this place, I pray “.  As you can see, the songs are very intimate conversations between Stacy and Father.  This CD will take you to a level of worship you likely haven’t experienced before. 
I could quote every song from this CD to prove my point but why don’t you get it and experience it yourself?
Contact Stacy for booking information: www.StacysLifeSong or visit her on Facebook