Action!  (def.) – a movement or sequence of movements; habitual or vigorous activity of energy; the process of acting or doing. 

What are you doing today?  What are you moving towards?  Have you reached your goals, walking in your vision, and fulfilling your purpose?  If not, how are you pursuing them?  Or are you like the man at the pool of Bethesda, waiting on the water to be stirred before he attempted movement.  He was there 38 years!  38 years of laying and hoping.  but he was not stirred to action until he saw the water stirred.  By then it was too late!  Another person would step ahead of him and receive the healing.  In  my mind and thoughts, thinking of  laying there waiting on the stirring of the water, I can’t imagine waiting until the water was stirred to decide to act.  I would be proactive, I would start moving well before the water.  I would be teetering on the edge of the pool, waiting for the appointed time to fall over into the water.  I would imagine those that made it into the water before this man had done just that.  They decided to take a step towards their vision of  healing and began moving!  So when the water was stirred, they already had their momentum going and made it to the water first.

But this man, laying and hoping for 38 years?  I can hear him now, ” I sure wish I could get healed,  If only those other people didn’t get there first.  Maybe one day, I will make it”, all the while laying dormant and inactive!  Waiting on a miracle. 

What if  he went after his miracle?  What if he moved first?  How long are you willing to stay inactive and hoping for a miracle?  What if you decided to move first?  What if you decided to act on your faith that what God said is true!  What if you decided to move towards God rather than waiting on Him to move towards you?

Did you know Faith is an action word?  Those with true “faith” move towards their vision.  Those without faith, sit and hope!  Never accomplishing anything.  Inaction accomplishes nothing!  Action causes more action!  Remember, part of the definition of action was “habitual or vigorous activity of energy”.  Acting becomes a habit.  Movement inspires more movement.  As you begin moving towards your vision, God then sees that you are willing to pursue your vision and He will begin moving on your behalf.  Those who aren’t willing to pursue their vision, will never fulfill it.  Vision doesn’t just fall into your lap.  Goal setting is important because it gives you something to work towards.  If you set a goal and then refuse to move towards it, do you think you will ever reach it?  No! 

Begin moving in faith; knowing God called you.  Take one step and then God will show you the next.  Fulfilling purpose takes action on your part!  Movement causes your muscles to become more flexible and strong so when they are needed they are ready for action.  On the other hand, inactivity causes muscle atrophy and they become weakened and stiff from non-use.  When needed, you are unable to respond.  No wonder, that man at the pool of Bethesda couldn’t get into the water quick enough.  He probably hadn’t exercised his muscles, so when the time came, he couldn’t respond quickly and get his healing.

What are you waiting on?  What is your vision?  Purpose? Goals?  Are you going to waste away, waiting on the water to be stirred or are you going to be proactive and move towards it so when the time is right, you are ready to respond?  Action is a must!  There are many action words in the Bible – seek, knock, ask, go, take, get, listen, hear…all of these require action on our part!

So take up your bed and walk!  Notice this was Jesus’ instructions to the man – action requiring faith!  What have you been wallowing in?  That is your bed, so take up your bed and walk towards your vision! 

Move!  You can do it!