Demons & Spiritual Warfare
“Everyone’s Guide to Demons & Spiritual Warfare”
By Ron Phillips


We are not powerless against evil.  But to survive in our would today, we must know our real enemies and be fully aware of the resources and weapons we have to fight against them.  This is your basic training manual for undestanding the war between good and evil and how to fight it.

When I began reading “Demons & Spiritual Warfare”, my first thought was “sheesh, Ron Phillips is smart!”  Then the next thought was, “every single Christian needs to read this!”  This book is chock full of information, details, and wisdom.  I am reading it for the second time and have already began finding details that I didn’t ingest the first go round.  I have a feeling if I read it a third time, the same thing would happen again.

Ron Phillips has brought to light many details that have been misunderstood by the greater majority of Christians concerning who Satan is, the fall of Satan and his followers, and the consequential effect on this earth.  Satan does not live in hell at the moment, he is ruling on this earth seeking those who he can take to hell with him.  His fall caused a cataclysmic destruction of earth.  God has since recreated earth and placed man here to have dominion.  Satan, as the serpent, took that dominion away from man through the fall of Adam and Eve.  Now man has to retake back everything Satan has stolen.  The good news is that the victory has already been won; we just have to enforce it.

The battle between good and evil was settled on the cross.  Satan lost!  Jesus made a public show of Satan and his followers.  But until the judgment, Satan is going about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  To put it lightly, Satan was not a good loser.  He is determined to steal as many of God’s creations, man, as he can.  He vows to take as many of God’s children to hell as he can as payback for his defeat.  Satan was not pleased that God created man and has given man the opportunity to rule and reign with Christ.  When we make the decision to be followers of Christ, we become joint-heirs and we sit with Him in the heavenlies.  That places us above the prince and principalities of the air, making Satan our footstool.  He is beneath our feet!

We, as Christian, have to take the authority given to us by God Himself and enforce the victory against the enemy.  We have all power and authority needed to do just that.  We just have to walk in it and exercise it.  Satan doesn’t want us to know that he is already defeated.  He wants us to bow and cower in fear to him and his demonic spirits that attempt to derail us everyday.  Ron Phillips has done an excellent job explaining the power and tools available to us as King’s Kids.  He has step by step instructions on recognizing and defeating the enemy daily.  He has listed the weapons the enemy uses to distract, oppress, and ultimately destroy believers.  We must be wise and recognize Satan for what he is – a usurper and trespasser on God’s earth.  We must remember to focus on Christ and not on the power of the enemy.  “Strong man that he is, he has been dispossessed by one stronger!  Satan and the forces of hell are on a short leash since Calvary.  We are not fighting for victory but rather from victory.  The bottom line of spiritual warfare is applying and enforcing the victory of the cross and upon the enemy.”  We must remember “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8)  “The scripture teaches us that Satan has been stripped of his right, power, and authority over all those who have bowed at the foot of the cross and received the precious blood of Christ as atonement for their sin.”  The blood left Satan powerless.  We must understand and operate from that knowledge.  We can’t, as believers, believe the lies of the devil but we must believe the truth of the Word of God.  Satan has no right to buffet us with difficulties or to steal our joy!  He has no right to attack our children or our finances.  We must stop backing up as he attempts to destroy us and we must move forward with the whole armor of God and offensively attack him and his powerless subordinates.  The victory is won!

Our authority comes from Jesus Christ.  Everything that is under His feet is also under the believer’s feet.  We must come to the realization that Satan will try to destroy us or at the very least neutralize us.  But we don’t have to sit back and take it; we have all power and authority to stop him in his tracks.  We must arm for victory.  Ron Phillips explains each part of the armor of God and how to utilize it.  God has provided every tool we need in order to win the battle.  We must use what is available to us by the blood of the Lamb.  We have the tools, we must wield them.

This is a very in depth body of work.  Ron Phillips has brought together the history, the devices of Satan, and the strategy used to destroy God’s family.  He has also given us the wisdom needed to fight the good battle and win.  Victory has already been won, we just have to enforce it!