With all the talk of things changing, victory coming, power exploding, do you still feel like nothing has changed?  You look around and everything looks the same, feels the same, and sounds the same.  No change can be seen!

I know how you feel.  Just last night, while falling asleep, God showed me that when all looks the same and no turning can be detected, we need to fix our eyes on a steady focal point.  Only when focusing on that object can we see the turn is taking place.

Consider being on a large ship in the middle of the ocean.  You look out from the ship and all you see is water.  No change in view!  The wind is still hitting you in the face.  Everything sounds the same.  As far as you can tell standing on the deck, no turn is coming.  You continue to move in the same direction with no change in sight.  You look to the left and it looks the same as if you look to the right.  Everything looks the same.  But if you will locate a stationary, steady object and fix your eyes upon that, you will soon notice the gradual turn that is taking place.  You can then detect the change in direction.  You will soon notice the change in the wind.  As long as you keep your eyes fixed, you will see the turn that is taking place.  Even if you don’t feel it.  Even if your surroundings don’t look like.  A turn is happening. 

What if you can’t locate a stable place to fix your eyes?  Did you know that you can detect direction and time by looking at the sun.  Is it overhead?  Is it towards the east or towards the west?  What direction does it cast a shadow?  All ways to determine time and direction by looking to the sun!

So if we will just fix our eyes on the Son, we will soon detect motion.  He is our rock, our steady place.  When focusing on Him, we soon discover that change is taking place.  He has turned our situation towards a place of victory.  The wind of the Spirit begins blowing a different direction until God has turned the situation around and the wind of the Spirit is then at our back, propelling us towards our destiny. 

Do you still feel like you have sea legs?  Have you had to adapt to the waves that constantly bombard you and now you are not sure if you can walk on solid ground.  The devil wants you to think that you can’t stand on your own two feet.  He wants you unsteady in all your ways.  But God says that once you arrive at your destination that you will soon gain back your “land legs” and will be as steady as the ground you walk on.  There may be an adjustment period but fear not, you will soon have the steady  gait of a child of God.  You will walk strongly and uprightly to your purpose. 

The turn is taking place.  I can feel it in the air.  The winds of change are blowing!  As long as I keep my eyes on the Son, I will detect the turn.  I will begin to feel it; I will hear it; and I will see it!  If I take my eyes off of that steady place and look to my surroundings, I will no longer detect the change and will become hopeless that nothing new will come my way.  I will again see nothingness.  That is where Satan wants us.  He wants us to keep our eyes on our surroundings.  He wants us to focus on our situation.  If we do that, he has won!  We will soon lose faith and lose our vision.

There is a song called “Turn! Turn! Turn! (to everything there is a season) by the Byrds.  It says, “To everything – turn, turn, turn.  There is a season – turn, turn, turn.  And a time for every purpose under Heaven!”  The very last line of the song says “A time of peace – I swear it’s not too late!”

Listen to that song everytime you begin to get hopeless.  Everytime you’ve lost your focus and can’t see where God is steering you, look up to the heavens and focus on the Son.  You will soon begin to see the turn!!  Keep your eyes on the focal point and soon you will have arrived at your planned place of purpose.