The Faith and Values of Sarah PalinThe Faith and Values of Sarah Palin by Stephen Mansfield

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“The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin” gives you a look inside Sarah Palin’s spiritual self. Her spiritual history and upbringing were laid out for those of us to view and to determine if she is a person we can trust with this countries future. She has a strong background of small-town values; right is right no matter who opposes it, the constitution is a covenant with the people it governs, politics should not overcome the right of the people – morals! She stands up for what she believes and she truly believes it is her God-given calling to pursue community service, on whatever scale it is offered. I do believe that Sarah Palin is worthy to represent the people of the USA, in some capacity or another. I hate that she feels that she has to downplay her spiritual beliefs in order to prevent attacks from the media and other political wannabes. The country that we live in has come a far cry from what our founding fathers envisioned. It is a shame that a country that was founded on Christianity now attacks, ridicules, and makes light of those who confess Christianity as their belief system. I do beleive that Mansfield and Holland gave some good advice in the chapter “Seven Things Sarah Palin Needs to Know”. As strong as she seems to be, she needs to strengthen herself in certain areas before she places herself in the firing line of national politics again. Overall, a very good, informative read.

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