Lessons From the Sticker Patch   by Shari England
In Lessons From the Sticker Patch, new author and my new friend, Shari England brings inspiration and encouragement through the delightful collision of real life and real faith .  Her vivid accounts from childhood through parenthood will cause you to revisit wonderful memories of your own, while laying a foundation of truth and wisdom found only in God’s Word.


The title of this book caught my attention because I, too, grew up in a rural area where sticker patches were common. The most dreaded of all were the sand spurs. They could attach from every angle to bare feet, shoe strings, or pants legs and then the unpleasant task of removing them left pricked and bloodied fingers. Much like life!

 We’ve all had those situations that left us pricked and bloodied. We sometimes question why we must continue enduring those unpleasant experiences. After all, I’m a Christian. Shouldn’t I be exempt from those situations? Shari does a great job of bringing this to light. She mixes childhood memories with Biblical truths as no other.
The stories brought back memories of my own. It was an enjoyable read that mixed life with life lessons.
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