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Mission Possible                                                                              
by Deborah McCarragher
Mission Possible is a unique book in the Christian marketplace.  It addresses a subject that is often overlooked and misunderstood.  It is a candid look at Deborah’s struggles and quest to reach her husband for Christ.  It is written as she lived it.
I just finished a book by my new friend Deborah McCarragher that guides the reader through the battle for your lost spouse. She has used her personal experience as a tool to help others who are experiencing the same.
This book helps you believe with great faith for your spouse’s salvation. It encourages you to stay the course while allowing God room to convict and woo your spouse as only He can.
There is a section after each chapter called “Seek and Find” which guides you to different passages in the Bible that lead and direct you through each stage of the battle. I love this because it allows the reader to participate and discover for themselves Biblical principles that strengthen your resolve to stand in the face of battle. 

Deborah has put on paper what many wives and husbands alike need to hear in regards to not just believing for your spouse’s salvation but how to battle for it victoriously. Thank you Deborah for a great resource for those facing the challenge!

                                            A Little About the Author!
What inspired you to write this influential book?
I was involved with a local intercessory prayer group at the time, and was prompted by God during prayer to write down what He was conveying to me about my husband and his salvation.  It was quite literally written while inspired, and without much effort on my part.  I just typed on the computer as He led me to bible verses and topics to talk about.  I remember writing down the names of the (7) chapters during prayer time on a tablet – just looking at them afterwards in awe.  It was quite a moving experience. 
What primary advice do you have for women who are married to “non-believing” husbands?
I think the most important advice is to have faith in Who God Is and His sovereignty.  We can’t “pre-package” our spouse’s conversion experience, and God will always do what will bring Him the “most glory”.  We also have to remember that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood.  Our spouse (if unsaved) isn’t governed by God’s Spirit – so we have to release them from that accountability.  We must have faith that rests in God and not in our own understanding, or by sight!
How can our readers learn more about you and contact you directly?
They can visit my website at www.GodMissionPossible.com  or email me at deb@alabasterboxpublishing.com . It is also available for order at any Christian bookstore, as well as through online stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & other EBook retailers. My book is a trade paperback, audio book on CD, an E-Book, and a downloadable MP-3 file.  They can also visit my Blog at www.GodMissionPossible.blogspot.com