Have you ever wondered why the body of Christ has diminished power?  What do we need to do in order to regain it?

I truly believe that one reason is that we are so concerned about what others think.  We are so consumed with being “politically correct” or being the popular choice that we fail to inquire of the Lord about what we are to be doing.  We make sure we are “user-friendly” so as not to scare off the people.  After all, if we can’t keep them in the house, we can’t convert them right?  We must water down the gospel in order to be accepted by the masses.

That is precisely what is wrong with the church today.  We are so concerned with what “they” think that we fail to worry about what “HE” thinks!  Who are we supposed to be pleasing, anyway?  We can’t achieve our purposes if we don’t make it our first priority to please God.  After all, it is He who we claim to be working for.  We claim to be ambassadors for Christ, yet we fail to ask Him what He wants us to do and to say.

If those of us who claim to be Christians would make pleasing God our #1 priority, we wouldn’t have to worry about the results.  Do you want to be a man-pleaser or a God-pleaser?

Have you ever considered that those that we are afraid of offending with the Gospel are actually seeking someone who will speak truth no matter what.  Maybe, just maybe, they are seeking high and low for a ministry that does not compromise truth for the sake of money, numbers, or being politically correct.  There are hurting people looking for answers but so often what they find is a warm fuzzy message that pats them on the head and tells them they don’t have to change a thing because God loves them anyway.

One point is true – God does love them anyway but where is the instruction on how to make sure of their salvation?  Where is the message that states that God wants relationship?  Where is the truth of  obedience to the Word of God?

What seems to be left out so many times is the fact that God states in His Word that there will those who states, “Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name, and done many wonders in your name?” and He answers them and says “I never knew you, depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.” (Matt 7:21-23)  They never hear that Jesus states in Matthew that “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven”.

What happens when those people stand before God and state, “Pastor Popular never told me that!  He said if I believed in You that I would go to heaven!”  and God looks at you (Pastor Popular) and asks “is that true?  Did you never preach the truth of the Gospel to your people?  Did you not tell them that obedience was necessary?  Did you continue to tell them half-truths?  Did you water down My Gospel for the sake of your budget?”  What will be your defense?

I struggle everyday with that truth.  If I don’t teach the whole truth, I will then be held accountable for the lives that were destroyed.  If I water down the Gospel for the sake of being “politically correct” and one life is lost because of it, I will answer to God for that.  I must teach what He says teach!  I must do what He says do!  I will not worry about what “they” think! 

Who are “they” anyway? ” They” are not remnant people whose sole purpose is to go about our Father’s business. “They” are not kingdom people!  “They” are not ambassadors for Christ!  “They” are not seeking the will of the Lord!

So what are you willing to compromise in order to maintain a peaceful environment?  What are you willing to do so that you don’t demand change in the life of others?  How are you watering down and sugar-coating the Gospel of Jesus Christ so as not to offend your chief financial supporters?  Stop and ponder for just one moment –  What is really your sole purpose in life?  Is it to build yourself a kingdom or to build God’s kingdom?

The only “they” you should worry about offending is God, the Father; God, the Son; and God, the Holy Spirit!  What do “THEY” think? 

So, how can we, as the body of Christ, regain power?  We can begin being obedient to the will of God.  We can, again, preach the untarnished Word of the Lord!  We can “Be filled with the Holy Spirit”.  Holy Spirit has come to bring the church power!  We can stop worrying about the wrong “they” and start pleasing the triune God-head! 

What do you want God to say to you when you face Him on judgment day?