I’m well on my way through my 21 day journey.  The first week was awesome.  I’ve been reading, (not studying) the Bible. As a teacher, I have a hard time not studying. But I’ve rediscovered the pure joy of just reading the Word of God. For you novel readers, there is enough stories here to keep you interested. Nothing is more interesting than the real-life accounts of Adam & Eve, Noah, Joseph, Abraham, Moses, etc. Fiction authors just wish they could come up with a storyline so intriguing!

My focus on this journey is not on the things I’ve decided to “fast” – which are few – but in my pursuit of closer, more intimate relationship with God.  My focus is putting Him first.

I have only listened to Christian music ,which is not a big change for me; I’ve had no desserts; I have greatly reduced my on-line time (and have found that all of that extra time was rather unnecessary); and, this week, I’ve added no fried foods to the short list.

I added this because several times during the last week, I’ve preferred to eat something fried – shrimp, chips, wings…, but decided to deny myself and get something else. Just a personal decision. Again, no legalistic approach here.  If I find I ate something accidentally that was fried or had sugar in it – I’m not fretting over it. That’s not my focus!

I’m drinking tea sweetened with stevia. I’ve eaten things that had sugar or sugar substitute in the ingredients – but again, Not My Focus! I’m only including things I consider a treat – cookies, candy bars, brownie, cheesecake, …etc.

In the past when I’ve done a 21 day Daniel fast, I’ve spent a great deal of time focusing on what I could  or could not eat. the mere fact of doing away with your usual and eating “unpleasant” food requires time and planning. Time, I’ve decided, this year, to spend on pursuit of relationship.

Now, I’m not discouraging you from doing a 21 day Daniel fast – I am simply saying – that this year, I felt led to do something different!  Me – not necessarily you! You must do what you feel led to do. Obedience is better than sacrifice!

Today, I saw the title of a book “The Daniel Fast Made Delicious” and I thought – “doesn’t that defeat the purpose?”  The point of a fast is to deny yourself something pleasurable in exchange for time spent in prayer and the Word.  To change your focus from what flesh desires to fellowship with God. If the food on the Daniel fast is delicious, there is no sacrifice. (But I must state I have NOT read the book so I don’t know what the author’s stance is! I simply saw the title!)

I, personally, feel that a fast consists of sacrificing something desirable on our part so that we can re-focus our desires on Him.  We may need prayers answered, direction for life choices, etc but a fast does not bribe God to do those things for us. It puts us in the place of hearing the Word of the Lord to us about those things. It places our focus on relationship with God, so that we are now positioned to hear. It increase our faith level to receive that miracle. It opens our spiritual ears to hear that instruction. It positions us for victory! Not because we went without dessert, but because we replaced that desire with a desire for God.

 – Relationship – Relationship – Relationship –

So you see, my journey is not all that different. I’ve just decided to take a little different route to end up in the same place! My route is not so much focused on what I can’t have or do, but on “hot pursuit” of God. My focus is on what I am doing! – Spending time with God, through prayer and reading His Word!

For me, the only difference is where my focus is.

If you’ve decided to participate in a 21 Day fast or a similar journey as mine, comment and let me know how it’s affected you thus far! What great revelations have you discovered? What direction have you received? What miracle have you witnessed? How have you changed?  After all, that’s the real point, isn’t it? Life-change?

Each day, I post an update on my facebook page – Laurie L Ard Webb – notes and Laurie Webb Ministries – discussion tab!  Follow along and keep me updated on your progress!  Let’s encourage one another during this journey!

On a separate note:

Join me in my challenge to read the Bible in 4 months! 

Yes, I said 4 months and not 1 year! According to trusted sources, if you read for just 30 minutes every day, you can finish reading the whole Bible in 4 months.

30 minutes a day doesn’t sound like much does it? How much time do you waste in a day? I have wasted a lot more time than that every day on-line!

If you decide to take this challenge – comment and let me know. We can help each other stay focused and on point!