Betrayal, rejection, anger, and confusion are just some of the words describing the anguish author Deborah Ross felt when her upside down marriage eventually hit rock bottom as Satan hurled his final and most lethal blow – adultery.

Follow Deborah’s story to learn how your marriage can be saved as Deborah shares biblical truths through her personal journey of faith, forgiveness, and a wonderful future with the husband of her dreams.  god wants your family whole! Healing a Broken Marriage is a lifeline to help you find answers to some of your most secret questions about real and raw marital hardships.  Be encouraged knowing that Love Never Fails!


In this book, Deborah Ross has laid out her life’s story for all to read.  She was brutally honest about the state of her marriage and the disappointment that abounded.  But through her hell on Earth account, she brings encouragement and hope that if one stands believing and unwavering for her spouse’s salvation that she (he) can triumph.

Her story was heartbreaking but real.  One wonders, how she withstood the attacks of the enemy.  But she stood strong and came out triumphant.  Her husband is now a devoted Christian and family man.  She states that what God did for her – He will do for you!

I recommend this book for anyone, experiencing a broken marriage – be it due to adultery, addictions, finances, or being unequally yoked – yet has vowed to honor your wedding vows “’til death do us part”.  You will be greatly encouraged and armed for battle!