Okay so it’s well into February and we need to unveil our OneWord for the Year. 

As most of you know, last year my My One Word was purpose!  I will not discard Purpose because it is last years word, I will build on it.  I would love to say that I fulfilled my life’s purpose in 2010 but then that wouldn’t be my “life’s” purpose would it?  You will have purpose until the day you die!  The goal was to become aware of God’s purposes for my life and to begin to pursue them.  I also became very aware of my life’s ambition and determination to achieve all that God leads me to do.  In this way, I “purposed” to follow the leading of Holy Spirit on a daily basis.  Did I always do that?  No!  But I’ve certainly become more aware of being continually in fellowship with Him so that I can better follow Him.

I must admit by the end of the year, I felt like a failure because the things that I thought would happen in 2010 did not! But as I started off 2011 in a 21 Day Journey to Relationship with God, I discovered that 2010 was not a failure because it awoke something in me that now gives me purpose to continue on in my journey.  I realized that it’s not about being busy all the time, it’s about “what” you are busy doing!  Is it things of eternal value or things that just keep you busy so that you have no time for relationship with God! 

In todays world, there are so many time-wasters available.  You can kill a day on the internet, there is enough published junk that would keep you bogged down for a lieftime, there are enough social networks that actually enable you to never have a personal relationship with another human but yet have thousands of unknown “friends” to interact with without ever seeing them, there is online shopping that enables the shopaholic to spend their grocery money on the next new gadget  and etc….

And the whole time we are spending our day doing “stuff”, God is gently waiting for you to speak to Him.  He has the answers to all of life’s problems, yet we don’t bother to ask Him, instead we google it! 

Have you discovered your purpose yet?  If not, why don’t you spend some time with God and ask Him to reveal it?  If you have, are you allowing Holy Spirit to lead you into it?  Have you “purposed” in your heart to fellowship with God continually?  Are you walking in the promises and blessings of God?  Do you understand what it means to be in “covenant” with the all powerful, merciful, loving God?  It takes time to establish intimacy!  It takes time to really know someone.  It takes time to build trust.  Time…how do you spend yours?

I know many of you probably thought My One Word for 2011 would be relationship!  To be honest, it was definitely the top of the list until another word kept popping up.  I then looked up the words in the dictionary and decided on the word I am about to share!

Focus – is My One Word for 2011! 

Focus: a focal point; the distinctness or clarity with which an optical system renders an image; adjustment for distinctmess or clarity; a center for interest or activity; to produce a clear image of; to adjust to produce a clear image; to concentrate; sharply or clearly defined.

This year I need to make adjustments so that 1) people can see a clear image of Christ when they look at me, 2) I can clearly see the plans that God has for me, 3) I can concentrate my efforts where God purposes, 4) My life’s purposes are clearly defined and thus can clearly be pursued, 5) I can focus on relationship with God, husband, children, family and friends.

There are so many areas that the word “focus” can touch.  By reading the definition, I felt a pull towards getting my Spirit, Soul, and Body in the place where I can focus my efforts in the manner that God desires.  My first area of focus has been relationship with God.  Without close fellowship with Him, nothing else can be accomplished.  I am striving to depend on God and only God for my answers.  That is difficult for one who always has the answers.  Or at least thinks she does.  Go ahead – ask me a question!  I bet I can answer it! 

I am about a quarter of the way through with reading the Bible from beginning to end. My goal is 4 months!  So hopefully sometime around May 9th, I will have completed the whole Bible.  This time, reading it through has been a joy.  The things that we sometimes skip over, I’ve found very interesting.  Since I am reading because I want to and not because it is a requirement, I have read things that I don’t remember reading before.  I know I have but this time it is making an impact on my spirit.  I am reading because I want to!!  I am reading because knowing the Word of God draws me closer to Him and His purposes.  If I know the very heart of Him, I can be transformed by His wisdom!  The point = relationship!

I will be talking about ways that I am interweaving “focus” into my daily life.  I purpose to be a more focused person.  The trick is determining what I will be focusing on!  Satan wants nothing more than to cause me to get focused on things that are not God’s plan.  He wants me to be busy!  If I am “busy” then time spent with God will decrease.  By purposing on spending more time with God, I am determined to be a clearer image of Christ-likeness!  I hope to bring clarity to WHO Holy Spirit is and what He has come to accomplish in our lives. I hope to adjust others views on Who God is and why He wants relationship with them!

I also hope to bring clarity on Who God says that I am!  What God desires for me to do!  How God desires for me to interact! and What God desires for me to BE! (see past article “The Secret Life of “Be’s”!)


Now I want you to tell me what your ONE WORD is for 2011!  How  will it impact daily living? What do you hope to accomplish?

I can’t wait to hear your Word Choices!  Let’s grow together this year!