Focus – being my OneWord for 2011 – renders itself quite powerful.   If indeed, I “focus” on one area, it will produce a clear image.  If I focus on “purpose”, I indeed will gain clarity about my purpose.  If I focus on relationships, surely those will become more clearly defined.  The question is “what am I going to focus on?”

I have started my year focusing on relationship with God.  I have done that by spending more time in prayer and fellowship with Him.  I am reading His Word on a daily basis.  I am focusing my spirit on “the Word of the Lord, today”.

I hope by doing so, I will bring more clarity to my spirit man about “who” I am in Christ Jesus, “what” He has purposed me to do on a daily basis, and “where” I am to focus my efforts.  I don’t want to flounder around just doing things.  I want to do only those things that He has led me to do.  By only doing what I feel Him leading me to do – my results will be Godly results.  When I do what “I” think is a good idea – I get (wo)manly results.  There is a big difference in His results and my results! When you have focused efforts, there are powerful results.

By reading His Word on a daily basis, I am familiarizing myself with God’s heart. I will begin to understand His desires for His people.  I will gain His wisdom in everyday life.  I will gain confidence in who He says that I am.  I will begin to operate in His purposes.  I will walk uprightly before Him. I will be victorious on a daily basis.  So much to gain by reading His Word!

My focus will continue to be on relationship with Him.  Because without close intimate relationship with Him, nothing else can ever be achieved.  I can attempt to have better relationships with family and friends, but without the love of God living and operating on the inside of me – it will be fruitless.  Fleshly efforts renders fleshly results.

Without intimate relationship with God, I will never understand, much less achieve, my God-given purpose.  I must be in the position to hear His still, small voice and then be obedient to do what He’s spoken.  Otherwise, I will never receive God’s instruction as to what he desires from me.

Without relationship with Father God, I will never be the woman of God He has purposed me to be.  I won’t be the light to an otherwise dark world. I won’t produce a clear picture of Christ.  I won’t be an example of a victorious child of God. I won’t be a picture of the love of God.  I will just be…me!

Ordinary!  Opinionated!  Critical!  Busy!  Mouthy!  Me!!

Unfortunately, there’s not much of kingdom value in this ordinary girl.  Only when this ordinary, mouthy girl is in relationship with God can He achieve anything of kingdom value!  I can’t achieve it – but God can!  If God can take this messed up girl and achieve anything, just think what He can do with you!!

But you must begin to focus on relationship with Him!  You must allow him to transform the fleshly you into a Godly example of His purposes!  You must submit to spiritual growth and maturity.  Changes that you can’t make on your own!  But by being in relationship with God, great things can happen!  Just wait and see!

So, I continue to focus!  I look intently at my Father and allow His glory to penetrate my very being.  By doing so, my prayer is that He will begin to shine through me!  Focused Glory!  I want to be the magnifying glass that focuses His power in my surroundings.

Lord, hear my heart!

Share your journey with me and the readers!  Encourage us by being open and honest.  Let’s allow growth and make an impact on our world.

Until next time, focus…