The Boy Who Came Back From HeavenThe story of a six year old boy who after suffering an internal decapitation in a MVA, went to heaven while being revived and during a two month coma and returned to life to tell about it.

The book begins with Alex and his Dad (Kevin) going to church and having a horrific car accident on the way home.  Kevin was found several feet away from the car while Alex was found in the back seat of the car, still strapped in with his head laying oddly to the side.  Through many divine appointments, it seemed God had placed His people all along the route to pray for Alex.  From the first bystander to the paramedics on the Life Flight, to doctors and nurses who cared for him, a steady stream of God’s army praying for Alex’s miraculous recovery.

The story is told from Kevin’s and Alex’s point of view – with side stories from paramedics, Pastors, friends and family telling their spiritual experiences with Alex.  Alex has had many experiences in Heaven, had conversations with God, interacts almost daily with angels and has seen Satan and multiple demons.  He understands the spiritual realm better than most Biblical scholars.  He is unafraid to die because he knows what is awaiting him.  He relays some of what he has experienced but withholds other information because God didn’t give him permission to share everything.

If you have ever questioned the existence of heaven, angels and demons, and God’s love for you, this book is a must read.  It is a true story, told from the viewpoint of a man and his son, who experienced something so tragic but yet so profound.  Alex continues to astound and amaze those who know him – not just because he survived the unsurvive-able – but because he has a profound understanding of all things spiritual.  He operates in the prophetic while never wanting attention focused on him.  He continuously points to His God and will introduce you to Him if given the chance.

Alex is a truly amazing boy, but how much more amazing is the God who performs the miracles chronicled here.  This story is not a story about a boy who survived an accident but a story of God’s amazing love for His children!