Do you live intentionally?  Meaning, does life just happen and you flow along or do you purposefully guide your life in the direction you want it to go?  Just today, I read something that made me ask myself that question?  Am I steering the boat that is my life or am I allowing it to just float along on the current of life?

I don’t want to just float along mindlessly and end up in a destination that is not my choice.  That is what happens when you float with no paddles – you are at the mercy of the currents and you go where they take you.  But if you have a paddle, you can direct your boat anywhere you want it to go.  Have you ever gone rafting?  With paddles and effort you can paddle upstream, against the current.  But if you pull in the paddles and just rest, you turn right back around and head in the direction the current takes you.  Sometimes you even go through some rough currents but if guided correctly with your paddles, you make it through safely.  You may wind up wet and tired but nonetheless safe!

That is what happens in life.  If we pull in the paddles and put forth no effort, we are at the mercy of whatever life deals us.  We just float along hoping for the best but having no control over where we go or how we go.  Sometimes, life even dumps us out of the boat – and as we are searching for something to grasp ahold of – we feel as if we are drowning!  Our main goal is to just get back in the boat.  Unfortunately, if we climb back in and still put forth no effort, the same thing happens time and time again.

Wouldn’t it make sense if we put the oars out and started guiding our lives to the path of safety? If we looked ahead at the obstacles and tried to avoid them?  If we actually followed the path of our Guide and let Him lead us to a life of adventure but one of direction?  In rafting, your trip guide teaches you the correct way to paddle, the correct direction to go, teamwork, and how to safely  maneuver through the scariest of rapids.  It is a trip full of excitement, hard work, and achievement.  You may be tired but you are fulfilled!

I believe, that is the way our lives are supposed to be – guided but full of adventure!  Who are you going to let guide your boat? Are you just going to float along hoping for the best or are you going to put out the paddles and guide it in the direction of your choosing?  Father God will supply the guidance and all we have to do is paddle in the direction He tells us.

We need to sit down and make out a Life Plan.  I know, sounds like a blast doesn’t it?  But without some plan, you are simply floating along at the mercy of life.  But with some planning and trip guidance, you can avoid some of the rough spots, make sure you enjoy most of the trip, plan some excitement, and come out feeling fulfilled.

We need to live life with purpose and intention!  What do you want to accomplish while here on earth? What do you want your family and friends to say about you when you are gone? What is the legacy you want to leave your children and grandchildren? What are your priorities in life? How do you plan to achieve them? What is your action plan?

If you really ponder these questions, you are well on your way to a Life Plan.  Write it down. (That’s biblical, you know – Habakkuk 2:2) Revise it as necessary.  Revisit it on a timely basis and see if you are on track.  If not, put the paddles out and get back on track. We can live a full and complete life if we put forth some effort!  Yes, sometimes life is hard work.  It’s even scary sometimes and we feel like we are drowning. But if we will just grasp hold of the hand that is reaching out to pull us to safety, we will make it through.  We are then responsible to put out the oars and make some adjustments in the direction we are heading.

And just like with any rafting trip, you come upon a nice calm area where you can rest, enjoy the view, and regain energy for the next adventure that is called life!

Let’s be intentional in our relationships, careers, rest, ministries, and health.  We need to guide each of these areas in the way we want them to go.  Let’s not just float along aimlessly, hoping for the best.  Let’s make the best happen!

Put the oars out and enjoy the adventure that is called Christian Living!