Hello to all,
Wishing you all a very Merry  Stress-Free Christmas

Don’t you love the word FREE? Especially at Christmas Time? I’ve decided to give away – (yes, FREE), my book “Holy Spirit Made Me Do It”. Last Sunday, Pastor John Wood of Christ Chapel preached a sermon about “giving freely what you’ve been given freely”. You can’t give what you don’t have, but you can give what you DO have. The question was presented – “What do you have?” My answer –  I have a book!  Next question – “Who gave it to you?”  God. He gave me the knowledge, the resources, the favor to get this book published. He FREELY gave that to me so I, in turn, freely give it to you.

God has given so much to us, salvation, grace, mercy, life, health, breath, ability, talents, gifts, etc. He gives us these things freely so we can, in turn, give them out freely. I hear the mumble – I worked for what I have. Who gave you the ability to work? The knowledge to perform? The talent it takes to do that job? Who gave you favor with the ones who hire? Transportation to get there? Good health to get the job done? Yes, you have to get out of bed but God has done the rest. So, if He is the source, we don’t have anything anyway. We are just stewards of what we hold. So, once we realize it’s all HIS anyway, it becomes very easy to pass it along.
It is my joy to GIVE you my book. Yes, I sat down to write and rewrite it. Yes I did the “work” but He gave me the words. He gave me the resources. So, if it’s HIS anyway – I am happy to pass it along.
All you have to do to claim your copy (or ever how many you want) is go to www.LaurieWebbMinistries.com click the Buy Now Button under the headline – “Christmas Special”, select number of books you want. All I ask is that you pay shipping costs.  It’s that simple! I supply the books and the manpower to get them to you.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas as you discover what you can give to others. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have! So no stress! If you have mercy, extend some! If you’ve been given unconditional love – share it! If you have $10 bake some cookies and share them. If you have paper, write a personal letter to someone exclaiming how much you love and cherish them. If you have time, sit with someone who can’t get out of the house.
Freely give what you’ve been freely given!!
Love You all
Merry CHRISTmas!!!
Laurie L Webb
Laurie Webb Ministries