2012 – Path to Wisdom

 Last year I started my year out reading “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst. As I’ve been pondering what My OneWord for 2012 is going to be, I decided to start my year off, much in the same way I did last year. Seeking God, His wisdom, and His plans for me. I am reading through Proverbs this month, but since I’ve already read 3/4 of it, I will probably add Ecclesiastes to it. I am seeking wisdom from God’s Word as I start off 2012. I also started a 21-Day Fast on Sunday Jan 8th. I am doing the KLove challenge again – even though the music I listen to is 90% Christian, I will make that 100% for the time being

I am going back and reading my Made To Crave Diary of Blogs from last year. I hope you do the same. As you ponder your OneWord for 2012, seek God’s plan for your New Year. When you choose your OneWord – comment and let me know what it is. I will reveal mine soon!! As I end this post, I am pasteing my 1st blog from last year on my “Made To Crave” Journey. I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.


Made to Crave – 21 Days to Relationship!

This past week, I heard Lysa Terkeurst on K-Love talking about her book “Made To Crave”. While her issue was food and her unhealthy relationship with it, I saw many correlations in her issue with food and other issues we may have that takes our focus off of our relationship with God. There are so many things that claim first place in our minds and actions. These things actually knock our relationship with God on down the list until there is no time left to pursue Him.

I don’t particularly have an issue with food, though I admit I do love pasta as much as the next gal, but I do have an issue with time stealers. There are things that I allow to steal my time so that I don’t have the proper time to pursue relationship with God. Yes, I pray and read my bible but sometimes not an adequate amount due to time constraints. There is only 24 hours in a day no matter what you do or don’t do – that fact doesn’t change. What must change is how I use my time. 
My first priority must be relationships. First – relationship with God, second – relationship with my husband, third – relationship with my two daughters, fourth – relationship with my other family; Mama, Daddy, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc, fifth – relationship with friends. And yes in that order!
I have begun reading Lysa’s book, “Made To Crave”, not for the dieting advice but for the encouragement to exchange those time stealers for the “craving” of relationship with God! I hope and plan to increase my desire for the things of God – His Word, written and spoken, continual fellowship, and the pursuit of all things righteous.
My One Word for 2010 was purpose. While I pursued purpose, I felt as though I had lost my way. Too much focus on what I was doing and not enough focus on what I was being. God began dealing with me about this, as you know, if you’ve been reading my blog. I focused on the noun “purpose” more than the verb “purpose” and soon realized my focus was off. I need to purpose to have relationship. I need to purpose to “crave” the things of God more than the things of the world. While I didn’t do anything that the world would consider “sin”, I did allow my focus to move to things that aren’t necessarily productive.
What have you been focused on: job, money or lack of, children, boyfriend or girlfriend, etc.? What takes up your time, your thoughts, your energy, and your finances? It doesn’t have to be a bad thing to be a “bad” thing. Whatever takes your focus off of relationship with God has become your idol!
Satan knows that not all of us will fall for the outright sinful and destructive things, so he gently pushes the good and important things in our life to the number one position. Anything to keep focus off of God!
As I go through a 21 day journey to refocusing my life, I ask you to join me. Many people are doing a 21 day fast – this is my version for the 2011 year.
The first thing I choose to do is to only listen to Christian music for the full 21 days. While I already primarily only listen to Christian music anyway, this will not be a huge change for me, but I want all music that is entering my psyche to be positive, God-honoring messages. I tend to listen to music most of the time; while driving, working at home, sleeping,… most anytime except while I am at work. So, I want there to be a constant streaming of encouraging messages to be entering my spirit at all times.
The next thing I will “fast” from is sweets. Again, not a huge problem for me, but one that will deny me that occasional craving for something pleasurable. Just a way to remind me from time to time that there is something else I should be craving – Jesus!
Third, I will greatly limit my time spent online. I will use facebook and twitter to update and encourage others on this 21 Day journey but will not be spending countless hours a week there, wasting precious time. The internet is a great time-stealer for me – and I vow to limit my time spent there. This will leave time for the pursuit of God-honoring activities.
Each week, I will probably add something else to “fast” from. But at this time, my “fast” is not a traditional fast but a journey to relationship. My focus is not food or the denying of, but time! Time spent pursuing relationship with God and family! I will focus my time based on the order of priorities I’ve listed.
My 21 Day Journey begins January 10, 2011! Won’t you join me?
Join me for a 21 Day Adventure!
21 Days to refocusing your life to the one that God ordained.
21 Days to Relationship!
21 Days to Victory!
21 Days to Breakthrough!
21 Days to a Miracle!
Whatever you need to focus on,
begin with a 21 Day period of time
that will change your habits and refocus your life!
We are all “Made to Crave”!
If you are interested in reading the book “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst, it is available at Barnes and Noble, Nook, Kindle, Amazon.com etc.