When God gave me the word Prepare in January, I panicked.  After the year we had had, God telling me to prepare scared the daylights out of me. My immediate response was, “prepare for what?” My mind immediately went to something bad. I couldn’t imagine having to endure anything else. But, I began to prepare myself in any way I knew. I started a Bible reading program of reading through the Bible in 4 months, I began a 21 day fast, I began a time of prayer and seeking God. I began my year in much the same way I do every year but with more fervency as I focused on preparation. 

I began seeking God for what all the word ‘prepare” meant for me, knowing that it would evolve over time. The first thing He led me to do was

1) Prepare Self – So I began all of the things I mentioned above. He gave me a song, “Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary” and I listened to it and endeavored to allow God to do that in me. Many nights I sat and read His Word, pondering what God had in store for me, spending quiet time with Him. He is still leading me in this season of preparation.

The next thing He brought to my attention through reading His Word was that He had called me to

2) Prepare others – Teaching is what I do. I absolutely love it. Teaching others the Word of God is my passion. It is what gives me life and joy. Studying God’s word and other books and videos that God always seems to bring to me at the perfect time. He speaks to me through songs, written words, and spoken words. Whenever He impresses a particular subject to teach, there seems to be an abundance of confirmed words out there. Every channel I turn to, every book I pick up, every song  I hear – He is faithful to prepare me to Prepare others! Another song came to my attention at this time “Prepare the Way of the Lord” by Jeremy Riddle. This is what all teachers and preachers of the Gospel are called to do! We are to Prepare the way of the Lord. We are to ring the bell that declares Jesus is coming back for a spotless Bride and His body needs to prepare herself for the ceremony. The church needs to do what we’ve been called to do. Get out of our comfy seats and do the work of the ministry. There are many who need to hear about Jesus, so they can join in the wedding celebration.

Yes, I was right about one thing in the beginning – the “what else could happen?” happened. In May, my Daddy was rediagnosed with more cancer in his jaw and parotid gland so more surgery, trach, PEG tube – the whole works. Pretty sure that was one thing God was wanting me to prepare for. We were in celebratory mode when the PET scan showed some suspicious spots. He had had 1 clear scan, he had completed chemo and his 2nd round of radiation. My niece had gotten a clear scan. The two of them were chosen to cut the ribbon at our local Relay for Life and walked the survivor lap together. What a time of celebration! Then 5 days later, Daddy received the bad news. Talk about snatching the rug out from under you! We were heartbroken, frustrated, aggravated, and totally let down. We had many questions – mostly why? why? why?

If I had not spent the first part of the year allowing God to prepare me ,this new diagnosis surely would have shaken my faith. I truly believed we were done with cancer. In my heart I thought my Daddy had complete and total healing, never to endure that demon again! So when it returned, I was completely flabbergasted! What do you mean cancer again? My Daddy had completed disfiguring surgery, chemo, and radiation twice. He had a clear PET scan…  We were counting down to reconstructive surgery. Why? How? What? I don’t understand, Lord! We were done! Not my Daddy again. Heart hurt! Don’t understand!  But yet… at peace! How can I be at peace while having all of those thoughts?

                                                                                                           ……………………………….Preparation, that’s how!

God prepared me for the news. He filled me with His peace before I needed it.

Do I believe this is all He was preparing me for? No. I believe He spoke “prepare” to me for many reasons. This is just one.  I believe He wants me to continue to prepare others to follow Him, to fulfill their God-given purposes, to walk in Holy Spirit power, to step out and lead others to Christ. Prepare others!

I believe He is going to move me in new directions, to utilize my gifts that He’s placed in me, to speak into others, mentoring them, teaching them, leading them.  God wants me to submit to His preparation time and allow Him to mold me into the vessel He desires to use.

Preparation requires you to step out first before the thing which you’ve waited for happens. I’ve stepped out. I’m moving. I’m praying, reading, listening, and taking time to be still before God. Yet another song, “Burning in My Soul” from the Passion album sings my song! This is where I’m at right now. I truly feel a burning in my soul in expectation of “what next, Lord”!

Transition is a tough time but necessary to get us from one point to another. We tend to fall into a comfort zone and stay where we are, setting up camp, getting our comfy chair, and settling in. God doesn’t want us comfortable, He wants us ready to move at a moments notice. Alert and aware of His leading. Prepared!

I’m in process, never to fully arrive. Allowing God’s preparation in my life, preparing to do what He’s called me to do, preparing others to do the same. Declaring “Blow Mighty Breath of God! Move in power and grace”.

Won’t you join me in “Preparation”?