Have you spoken order into your day?

God asked Job a question “have you commanded the morning?”
We must, as Believers, command order into our day. Call forth that which we’ve been praying for. We are responsible to prepare for that which we’ve been praying and believing. You can’t pray for something and then sit idly by waiting on it to fall into your lap.
Just as an expectant mother prepares for her little one to be birthed, we must prepare for our answer to be birthed.
We must be ready for the blessings and the promises of God. Because if we haven’t prepared ourselves, we won’t be capable of handling that promise correctly and faithfully. We must be the person that can handle God’s promises or else we forfeit them to the enemy.
By commanding our morning, we set up the day to receive those things we’ve declared and believed for. We’ve set the place for God to work on our behalf. We’ve spoken the right structure into existence to house the promises of God!
Don’t be found unprepared for that which you’ve prayed and asked for. Due diligence is required on our part! Pray until you know you’ve been heard, then speak it until it comes to past, thank Him for it before you see it in the natural and prepare yourself for it in every way needed!
Just as you prepare a baby’s room; put diapers in the stacker, hang clothes in the closet, and have the crib ready – PREPARE FOR YOUR PROMISE!!